My Vintage Wardrobe

Beat the Man and find your own vintage clothes. Well that’s what I have managed to do over the years. However, there are many vintage traders these days, and with the popularity of retro fashion it is hard work to find your own pre-loved quality vintage clothes.

The garments on my rack have been sourced over many years and I was simply in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes if you want to wear vintage for an event, and you do not have months to scout charity stores, you may have to purchase from a speciality store. It will cost more than a charity store, but it should be worth the price compared with buying new. You will be supporting small business which is always a good thing.

My advice is if you come across a quality vintage garment and it is too big, but you love the fabric and style, buy it and get it altered at a later date. In my situation I did not spend hundreds of dollars on two wedding outfits in the same year. I stayed away from the shopping malls and instead went to my dressmaker’s home for a couple of fittings.

Less stress and more savings = Beat the Man


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