Felt for a Frugal Christmas

Felt for a Frugal Christmas

Rude Record has been collecting woolen garments this year to upcycle them into wool trivets to give family and friends as Christmas gifts.

Rude Record is presenting a Christmas Upcycling Workshop to the local sustainability group this Saturday. The participants will be making their own wool trivets.

Each trivet has three circles of felted wool representing the past, present and future. When hand stitched together the wool from the original pre-loved garments will once again been imbued with value.

The participants will be given the history of each circle of felt, such as where it was purchased from and what type of garment it came from.

How to felt a woolen jumper or cardigan:

1. Make sure it is 100% pure wool. However a touch of acrylic should be okay.

2. Place the item in a bag and place in freezer for 24 hours to kill any moth larvae.

3. Sort by colour if more than one item. Place on hot cycle in a washing machine with a tennis ball, old towel and squirt of detergent. A long hot wash with a soak option is good and then spin. Some prefer to give the item a couple of washes in the machine. Rude Record only does one to save on water and electricity.

4. Dry on the clothesline outside or the clothes horse inside. I prefer to use a clothes dryer to partly dry the felted garment as it is good for removing lint and fluff. This is the only time I use an electric dryer as they are too costly to operate.

5. Garments are cut up after felting, but some people prefer to do this process before felting. Fold the felt material, sort into colours and store away for later use.

6. Do not discard the scraps of felt after cutting as these can be used for all sorts of pretties such as flowers, hearts etc.

Beat the Man by staying away from shopping malls this Christmas and in 2014, by making handmade gifts with your beautiful minds and beautiful hands.


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