Backyard Fun

The iconic Australian backyard is fast disappearing. In suburbia land size is getting smaller and people are building bigger houses. Danny and I grew up on the quarter acre block in middle suburbia. We played games like cricket, had family BBQs and climbed trees. Many Australian families still want to live life with some backyard. It is what we know and love. The Hills Hoist clothesline to dry washing outside in the sun and fresh air. The chooks roaming free. A place for the veggie patch. And a kennel for the family dog.

We live on the outskirts of Melbourne on a 600 square metre block of land in a very modest 1970s brick house. It has three bedrooms and one bathroom. We have a study so it is probably one of the bigger houses in the street. We have a front and back yard. There is no garage only a carport. We have two sheds in the backyard. One is a workshop and the other is for household storage.

We Beat the Man by owning a modest abode. We refuse to renovate it because we will retire to a beach location in a few years. I still cook in a 1970s kitchen. Everything is original 1970s decor including the bathroom. To modernise the look and not spend too much money we have been painting the walls and removing the wallpaper.

We have both lived in bigger and grander homes in our past lives. We have chosen to live this modest lifestyle in order to save for our retirement. The best thing is we enjoy living modestly. There is joy to be found in the most unexpected places. And our financial position is very sound.

In the 1960s and 1970s in Australia drill marching was a very popular sport for Australian girls. I was a marching girl during this period, and would practise my drill in the backyard. I was given a dare recently to march to Darlin’ by The Beach Boys. I had not marched for 30 years when Danny recorded this video a couple of days ago.

Please note that the clothes and Converse sneakers I am wearing are either thrifted or saved from landfill. Approximate total cost $3.00 (generous approximation)


One thought on “Backyard Fun

  1. This comment came to me via Facebook group Marching Girls and I wanted to share it here:

    30,40,50 years ago backyards all across Australia were full of scenes just like this. Backyard cricket is one of Australia’s great events,so is backyard marching. GK


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