Tip Trek

“We have a passion for the dumped and discarded as opposed to the donated”

Karen and Danny Ellis / Anti-consumerism Activists & Reusers

Our video introduces Rude Record as we advocate for improved access to salvage resources. You will need 14 minutes to watch our tip trek to two landfill sites on the fringe of Melbourne’s outer west.

We live in the City of Melton in Melbourne, Australia. In our opinion our municipality is not committed to the reuse of salvage within the immediate community. Most of it is scrapped and/or collected and driven by truck to distant locations for recycling. Rude Record is unable to purchase, in our own home town, recycled salvage for home projects .

Therefore we must drive 30 minutes across the paddocks to the City Of Hume Landfill in Sunbury. This city has a strong commitment to reuse of salvage back into its community and surrounding towns.


2 thoughts on “Tip Trek

  1. Hi J.lol this is Karen from Rude Record. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I wish we had a Thanksgiving Day in Australia. It is such a wonderful things to give thanks. I was thinking was could adopt the concept and call it Grateful Day.

    Where does all your salvage and rubbish go if you do not have a tip/dump?

    I am glad you are commenting at Rude Record as Danny and me have dealt with much of what you are dealing with. Of course it is never the same but there are similarities. And we have come out the other end reasonably well. I hope we can share with you and others some of the strategies we use to live well with enough.

    It is 7am on Sunday morning here in Melbourne. I am about to start my sunny day with coffee and toast. Then I must get organized and continue on making my wool trivets. I am giving these as Christmas gifts this year. But I am also doing an upcycling workshop in December and showing the local sustainability group how to make them. Therefore I have to get my resources for that planned.

    Cheerio until next time.


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