Retire at Fifty

Retire at Fifty

Karen and all the stuff in this photo are pre-loved

Thank you to those who are following Rude Record with my husband Danny and me from Melbourne, Australia.  I am very humbled that you have decided to share our journey.  Beating the Man or more formally anti-consumerism is a way of life for us.  It was how I was raised and what I chose to embrace as an adult.  Danny has a similar story and as a couple  we have been able to pay down debt fast.

It is a second marriage for both of us.  We came together in our mid to late 40s and knew we had to be smarter.  Our goal was to be in the same financial position if not better had we still been in our first marriages.  By this time all our children had reached adulthood and we were on the verge of becoming empty nesters.

Whilst we both had well-paying jobs we knew we could do more if we did less.  Let me explain.  I mean we could do more financially if we did not spend what we were earning.  And it became quite simple really.  Pay down all debts first and foremost.  How?  Very simply by not spending on stuff that we did not need and things we could easily do without.

At fifty I retired and Danny moved to job share working 6 weeks on and having 6 weeks off.

Should you want specific details on how we Beat the Man please feel free to comment and I will reply to your questions.


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