Making Dried Herbs

Save on the grocery budget and dry your own herbs. Small jars and containers of herbs can be around $4.00. If you grow your own herbs it’s lovely to eat them fresh. However when out of season it is frugal to have dried your own produce. You of course can dry herbs that have been store-bought.

Wash the fresh herbs, tie together and hang in a cool, dark spot. You will know by sight and touch when the herbs are dry. Place in clean and dry jars, preferably recycled to keep expenses to a minimum.

In this video I have dried dill, mint, sage and celery. You can view my other YouTube video on how to make celery salt here:

Have Fun with Frugal and Beat the Man.


2 thoughts on “Making Dried Herbs

  1. To the Queen of Green Anne at Microgardener, Rude Record was thrilled to get your encouraging comment. Please feel free to share the Celery Salt video. Thanks for taking the time to post. Karen and Danny xx


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