My Creative Space

Hi my name is Karen. My husband Danny and I are anti-consumerism activists. We live a very thrifty and modest life. We will make do and mend and we have enough. We oftentimes choose not to buy new products. We source secondhand items that others discard. Our frugal ethos is about reuse before recycle and reinvention.

This video is intended to demonstrate that in my studio much of what I use to create is secondhand and is being directly reused by me. I hope the mess conveys there are creative minds dwelling in this home.


2 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Hi jmlol

    Thanks for the first comment on my brand new blog. The intention is exactly as you comment. I do hope to entice others to ‘Beat the Man’ and not get suckered into rampant consumerism. As in both these videos you do not have to go without. You can get lots of what you need for free or very little monetary outlay. You just have to be prepared to do it differently.

    For example my new ‘recycled’ refrigerator came from friends with icecream in it! When the freezer door was opened the smell was putrid. The refrigerator was also not working. I guess what I am sharing is that recycling and reuse can be harder work than going to the mall and purchasing what it is you need or want. But if your challenge is to ‘Beat the Man’ who binds you to the consumer treadmill, all the effort is worth the rewards.

    All the best, Karen.


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