Tip Trek

“We have a passion for the dumped and discarded as opposed to the donated”

Karen and Danny Ellis / Anti-consumerism Activists & Reusers

Our video introduces Rude Record as we advocate for improved access to salvage resources. You will need 14 minutes to watch our tip trek to two landfill sites on the fringe of Melbourne’s outer west.

We live in the City of Melton in Melbourne, Australia. In our opinion our municipality is not committed to the reuse of salvage within the immediate community. Most of it is scrapped and/or collected and driven by truck to distant locations for recycling. Rude Record is unable to purchase, in our own home town, recycled salvage for home projects .

Therefore we must drive 30 minutes across the paddocks to the City Of Hume Landfill in Sunbury. This city has a strong commitment to reuse of salvage back into its community and surrounding towns.

Pre-loved Pretties

RE-scuing the dumped and discarded as opposed to the donated is where we are focused. We rummage through a lot of dirty and smelly stuff that is not sorted, yes undies included. It has been literally dumped and most of it is poor quality. However some pieces have potential certainly for around the house and town.

The outfit I am wearing in the Retire at Fifty post below is totally scavenged and the skirt was refashioned. The shoes are Italian made and soft leather.

You can Beat the Man if you responsibly source your clothes secondhand. By this I mean don’t go purchasing stuff just because it is cheap. Ask yourself do I really need it.

Retire at Fifty

Retire at Fifty

Karen and all the stuff in this photo are pre-loved

Thank you to those who are following Rude Record with my husband Danny and me from Melbourne, Australia.  I am very humbled that you have decided to share our journey.  Beating the Man or more formally anti-consumerism is a way of life for us.  It was how I was raised and what I chose to embrace as an adult.  Danny has a similar story and as a couple  we have been able to pay down debt fast.

It is a second marriage for both of us.  We came together in our mid to late 40s and knew we had to be smarter.  Our goal was to be in the same financial position if not better had we still been in our first marriages.  By this time all our children had reached adulthood and we were on the verge of becoming empty nesters.

Whilst we both had well-paying jobs we knew we could do more if we did less.  Let me explain.  I mean we could do more financially if we did not spend what we were earning.  And it became quite simple really.  Pay down all debts first and foremost.  How?  Very simply by not spending on stuff that we did not need and things we could easily do without.

At fifty I retired and Danny moved to job share working 6 weeks on and having 6 weeks off.

Should you want specific details on how we Beat the Man please feel free to comment and I will reply to your questions.

Picnic is King

Picnic is King

On your travels to wherever these may be, take a packed lunch and/or a snack, your own hot water and a good magazine. This simple act of anti-consumerism defiance will save you a lot of money over a year. And please don’t feel bad for the fast food, cafe and restaurant owners as they have enough loyal patrons.

Wherever Danny and I go, if we are going to be away from home for morning or afternoon tea and/or lunch we take our vintage Picnic King case and thermos flasks. We make up our sandwiches, throw in something sweet, top up the tea bags, fill the thermos flasks with hot water, put the milk in a cooler bag and hit the road.

You can do the math and work out how much money you will save. Have fun, enjoy your picnics on the road and Beat the Man.

Making Dried Herbs

Save on the grocery budget and dry your own herbs. Small jars and containers of herbs can be around $4.00. If you grow your own herbs it’s lovely to eat them fresh. However when out of season it is frugal to have dried your own produce. You of course can dry herbs that have been store-bought.

Wash the fresh herbs, tie together and hang in a cool, dark spot. You will know by sight and touch when the herbs are dry. Place in clean and dry jars, preferably recycled to keep expenses to a minimum.

In this video I have dried dill, mint, sage and celery. You can view my other YouTube video on how to make celery salt here:

Have Fun with Frugal and Beat the Man.