Fabulous Fringing

Fringe quote

Therefore, I just had to make up my own quote and create a meme.


Above photo:  Rockmans brand skirt refashioned and pom pom trimmed from a child’s dress added to hem. Cost 50 cents. As new cowgirl style boots made in the USA. Cost $1.


Rude Girl’s inspiration. The fringing on the garment in this photo inspired me to add fringing to my cut off denim shorts.

I am absolutely crazy about fringing as an embellishment.  I have no idea where my delight for fringing comes from.   It reflects my sense of fun and frivolity, I suspect.  And I like the playful movement that it creates.


RUDE Girl’s freckled right leg with fringing.


RUDE Girl’s two freckled legs with fringing.


Modelling my scavenger style shorts with fringing. Cost 50 cents. Total outfit $4-$5 maximum. Have had the shoes and two tops for years.

Jen, my mannequin, is wearing a 1990s hooded denim jacket rescued from landfill fate.  I will definitely be removing the sleeves, as these are too short for me.  And I want to cover over the logo.  Should any of you have any ideas for this remake please feel free to let me know.

Beat the Man and do your own embellishing, yey!!

RUDE Girl’s Pretty Petticoats


From the 1960s TV sitcom Petticoat Junction

Many an irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter’s petticoat ~ Proverb

RUDE girl recently had a post come into her Facebook news feed with photo of a pretty blue petticoat.  The caption read, Who remembers this?

I remember shopping in the 1970s for my first bras and petticoats to match.  Three of each in pretty pastel colours.  I have always had a petticoat or two in my wardrobe.  A couple of half slips in my lingerie drawer.  And my vintage tulle petticoats on a clothes rack in the spare room.

In the last decade since rescuing clothing from landfill fate, I have managed to save petticoats as well.  All have been my size just different lengths.  Most are made in Australia. 

And yes, I wear petticoats with dresses, half slips with skirts and tulle petticoats for fancy dress parties or with after-five frocks.

I have curated an on-line blog post exhibition of my petticoats below.  And here is the link to my most popular YouTube video featuring my tulle petticoats and a little story about them.  Enjoy!



A1 White Nylon Petticoat


A1 White nylon petticoat ~ lace top half


A2 Vintage pink petticoat


A2 Top section of vintage pink petticoat


A2 Bottom of vintage pink petticoat


A3 Target brand vintage petticoat [maxi] made in Australia.


A3 Top section of vintage Target petticoat


A4 Designer Fleur Wood petticoat [or nightslip] $1 AUD in a charity shop


A5 Chelsea design made in Australia maxi black petticoat


A6 Petticoat [nightslip]


A6 Top section


A7 Chocolate brown and pale pink lace petticoat which is a favourite to wear.


A8 Pale pink nylon petticoat with lace detail.


A8 This petticoat looks like it has been handmade or similar [not mass-produced]


A8 Bottom section with lace detailing


A9 White nylon petticoat with lace detailing.


A9 Top section of petticoat


A9 Bottom section of petticoat


A10 This petticoat is my all time fav and I wear it the most. It was bought years ago from a charity shop [yes, I remember which shop too!]. It may have cost $3 or $4 AUD back then but it has been well worth the few dollars spent.


A10 Lace top section


A10 Lace on bottom section


A11 Long sleeved stretch lace petticoat

Winners are Grinners


RUDE Girl wears hat that was saved from landfill fate. Bought from her local TIP SHOP for 50 cents!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi


RUDE’S weekly Friday blog post from 18 September is very late.  But better late than never, with some wonderful news.  RUDE Girl is a winner, yey!!

I entered a competition on Facebook to win a desk top computer.  Greenpower Recycling  [Facebook Page] was running the competition.  All I had to do was like the post and share it.

I must say that my current computer has been recycled over the past decade, from bits and pieces of e-waste from the local tip shop.  To win a recycled computer that is newer and faster is very much appreciated.  Thank you to Greenpower Recycling [website] for the opportunity to enter its competition.

Beat The Man by recycling your e-waste for reuse!

Tip Shop Mannequin


I love fake people provided they are mannequins.”
Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel

We try to post a project a day on our Facebook page at Rude Record.  We love to share with our likers what we reuse and repair.  But there is also an ulterior motive to our daily posts.  Yes, you probably guessed it.  We are held accountable and do not procrastinate.

The other day we rescued Jen [named after model and Miss World, Australia’s Jen Hawkins]  from the graveyard [landfill] .  RUDE Boy had a few laughs from Tip Shop customers bemused at him carrying Jen, in intimate places, to our car.  She was dressed in the black dress [photo below] but boy did she need a good scrub.

We were keen to bring Jen home because RUDE Girl can now display garments on her,  and leave my two dress forms free for garment fittings.  Jen has since had a good scrub and currently graces our hall way.  At the moment when you open the front door she is in the raw.  There is now another rude girl in the RUDE household besides me.


Jen is draped in tangled yarn found at the point of landfill.


Jen was gracing the Tip Shop in this Red Berry synthetic frock. Awful quality but great design. Very 1920s and reflects RUDE’S Scavenger Style. Canvas in background was rescued from landfill and covered in recycled fabric.


Jen’s 3/4 cotton coat was rescued from the point of landfill. No brand and no care instructions but RUDE is loving it.


RUDE is happy Jen has been saved from an untimely burial in the ground at landfill. For $5 and some TLC she has been rescued to grace RUDE’S blog and hallway.

Beat The Man by not being shy or hesitant, and rescue a damsel in distress!

Refashioned Exhibition – A Tribute Video


Refashioned by Box Hill Institute Bachelor of Fashion students Rachel Mufale & My Ha San


Refashioned by Box Hill Institute Bachelor of Fashion students Lauren Taylor & Sarah Sabatinelli

On Friday 28 August, 2015 RUDE Girl attended the Refashioned Exhibition held during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week at the Council of Adult Education in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia.

What this exhibition inspired in me, is that there is hope that our young emerging fashion designers are being trained in sustainable fashion practices.  Whether this training can be transferred to an industry hell-bent on fast fashion, is yet to be realised on a full-scale.  It is my prediction, that the students I met and spoke with, will be prepared and ready to upcycle recycled fabric, as limited virgin resources become more and more a reality.

This exhibition was a huge highlight for RUDE Girl.  I was incredibly inspired first and foremost by the students I met  – Sarah Sabatinelli and Rachel Mufale.  These young women were knowledgeable and informative about their brief, and presented it well to the public.   And secondly, I was impressed by the stunning re-creations of all the students.  I made a comment that they must have exceptional tutors. 

This photo video of the exhibition that’s presented below was my first and only take.  In other words, my praises for this entire exhibition came with glowing ease and required no edits.  I simply had to pay tribute to the future of fashion, in this fashion.  Bravo Box Hill Institute of Fashion!


Shirt Tales

ACME men's tee shirt, large size and printed in Australia. Elvis was rescued from landfill fate.

ACME men’s tee shirt, large size and printed in Australia. Elvis was rescued from landfill fate. This tee shirt is earmarked for an Elvis fanatic, who is a work colleague of RUDE Boy.

I see no reason to have my shirts ironed. It’s irrational.

Barry Commoner

I have a stash of men’s cotton shirts, and I hack them up when the mood takes me.  

Karen Ellis [RUDE Girl] / Textile Hacker


RUDE Girl’s recycled men’s cotton shirt stash. This long cane laundry basket is full of shirts.

RUDE Girl has been rescuing men’s cotton and linen shirts from landfill fate for a couple of years.  All shirts are soaked, washed and line dried.  And then these are stashed in the cane basket [also saved from landfill fate].  Once this basket is full, I know it is time to re-create.  No more shirts are rescued from anywhere, if this basket is full to the brim.  That’s how I keep my studio textile piles manageable.

Shirt collar bags can be expensive to make, especially if you are purchasing secondhand shirts from charity stores.  My very first bag took 14 shirt collars!! 


RUDE Girl’s first attempt at a shirt collar dillybag.

The more pricey charity stores, sell shirts from $5 to $8 sometimes more, depending on the size and quality.  Therefore if you are keen to make a bag like this, check out other ways and means of scrounging for free and/or cheaper priced shirts. 

Photo below:  Another RUDE shirt collar bag took eight shirt collars to make it.


RUDE Girl creates dillybags made out of shirt collars.

Not all shirt collars are the same size which can result in construction issues when making this type of bag.  And I strongly advise that you will need a semi-industrial sewing machine with a size 16 needle, to get through the thicknesses, as you attempt to join the collars together.

Check out some of RUDE Girl’s shirt collar dillybags in this video here.

Beat The Man by making your own ready lined fabric for projects, using shirt collars and cuffs.

Crayon Breaker


RUDE Girl is also a crayon melter

Practice the dismemberment of the expected ~ Philippe Petit / artist and author

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.  Al Hirschfeld


Rude Record was approached a couple of weeks ago by a magazine to do a ‘how to make a……… ‘ with photos. RUDE was flattered but had to politely decline because it’s not our thing for numerous reasons as follows:

Firstly  why reinvent the wheel?  There are so many talented people who shine in this area.  We are happy to leave it to them.  We will even shout out about them when relevant.

Secondly, we are retired, and making step by step instructions would feel like such a chore.  It’s so much more fun creating first take and unscripted videos.  We do not plan anything.  It’s all spur of the moment, and we love it that way.

Thirdly, there is no step by step to anything we do.  A lot of what we create is trial and error.  We love to make mistakes and then fix them.  This type of creative process shuns step by step written instructions.

Fourthly, we do not want to get sued.  Some of the stuff that RUDE Boy tinkers with, is best left to the experts and qualified tradespeople.

We like to share broadly about what we do, and leave the rest to you, our followers, to spin your own interpretation on it.  It’s all about inspiration for us, not prescriptive rules and steps.  We hope to inspire people to think outside the box.  And also to share the many benefits that we have found, and are still finding, to this approach to life.

HOWEVER, never say never to ever doing a How to Video.  Want to know how to wax seal an envelope closed with a crayon?  Here’s RUDE Girl’s how to instructions in the video below.  I love breaking my own rules, yey!

Beat The Man by improvising, and use things for what they were NOT intended for!